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U.S. weather: Double-whammy cold front moves in

The Northern Plains may be feeling the winds of change with high wind warnings today, but it’s the Midwest and the Northeast that should expect a big temperature change this week.

For nearly half the country, Monday will be the warmest day of the week, and it’s about to feel a lot more like fall.

A pattern shift and a pair of cold fronts are to blame.

The first cold front moving through currently stretches from the western edge of Michigan’s upper peninsula all the way down to northern Texas. And for the most part, temperatures ahead of the front are feeling warmer than usual.

Once this front passes, temperatures across most of the Midwest will begin to feel a little cooler within a day.

Later in the week, another cold front will move through the same region, and by Saturday, temperatures will be feeling closer to Thanksgiving instead of Halloween.

This particular cool-down doesn’t look like it’ll last very long, though. The warmer temperatures are likely to return next week.

Just don’t count on any temperature trend lasting long. It is fall, after all, a transitional season with big swings in both temperature and the weather.

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