Reporting Issues and Contacting Support

If you are experiencing software issues or the app crashes, please let our Support Team know. You can contact Support via the app’s settings, by tapping the Settings Icon > Support or at This will auto-fill an email to our team along with the necessary diagnostic information we need to troubleshoot the issue.  Please note, the app requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Adding and Removing Saved Locations


Adding and Removing Saved Locations

Adding a new location:

1. Tap the Bookmark icon to view the Saved Locations menu.

2. Tap the Plus icon to start searching for your desired location. You can search by address, city name, or zip code.

3. Move the map to refine the location. You will be given the option to rename the location if you wish to.

4. Tap Save, to add the location to your Saved Locations list. You can then repeat steps 2-4 to add multiple locations if needed.

You can return to the map by closing the menu via the X icon in the top right of the screen. 

Next time you launch the app, the map will zoom out to show all of your saved locations. You zoom in/out around the map to move from between locations.

*Emojis can be added using your iOS keyboard.


Removing location

Removing a location:

1. Tap the bookmark icon to open the Saved Locations menu.

2. Swipe left on the location name or tap the location name to bring up the option to delete the location.

*Please Note: This will remove the location from all of your devices if you are signed in with an account.

Delete location


Storm Tracking / Future Radar

How can I access Storm Tracking icons in NOAA Hi Def Radar?

You can turn on the Storm Tracks layer under Map Settings > Alerts > Storm Tracking. 

Storm tracking layers Storm tracking map

Unlike Layers, multiple Alerts can be viewed on the map at one time. Storm Tracks will display Wind, Hail, and Tornado icons with directional vectors.

What storm data will the radar show?

By default the radar will animate the last hour of data or show the most recent imagery. Tapping an icon on the radar, will provide available details about that element via an alert box. Details such as speed and direction will appear alongside NOAA Severe Weather Alerts (yellow polygons) and other app alerts.

Storm tracking map tap

When enabled, Future Weather will show up to 6 hours of forecasted weather on the radar. When Past is selected the last hour of conditions will animate. Please note, the icons may not appear while the radar cloud animation is playing.

No icons are appearing on the map. What should I do?

You may need to zoom in on a storm or radar clouds to see more data or icons. If Storm Tracks is enabled, large icons will appear, such as wind direction once zoomed in. You can also tap icons for more detail. Be sure to check which layer you have enabled. Not every layer supports Future Weather. If you are still having trouble, try contacting us via the Support option in the app’s Settings.

Storm tracking

In-App Subscriptions for Future Weather and Lightning Alerts

The Future Weather and Lightning Alerts subscriptions are the best way to stay ahead of the weather. The NOAA Hi Def Radar app tracks all current weather data in your area and adding Future Weather expands your ability to predict future conditions more accurately up to 6-12 hours in advance. 

What is included in the Future Weather subscription?

Future Radar: See radar data 6 hours into the future.

Future Temperature: A more detailed temperature map forecasting up to 12 hours in the future.

Future weather

What is included in the Lightning Alerts subscription?

Lightning Alerts: Be notified when lightning strikes nearby.  Get a push notification whenever lightning strikes near your Saved Locations up to 10 miles away.  At this time, Current Location is not supported by Lightning Notifications. 

Lightning alerts

Why do I have to pay for additional radar data?

The app provides additional radar data from a new source that requires maintenance and testing to stay accurate. You can still track weather without a subscription. While Future Weather and Lightning Alerts require an in-app subscription, most layers, radar imagery, and map alerts are included in the app at no additional charge. These are optional purchases and users can cancel at any time.

I purchased Future Weather and nothing changed. How can I fix this?

Please make sure that you have “Radar-Only” selected when viewing future weather. Not every layer has future data to display so the option may appear greyed out.   

Tap the app’s blue settings icon to open the Settings menu. Scroll down to see the option to ‘Restore Subscriptions‘. This will verify with the App Store that your subscription is active and then activate the feature. If the Future Radar toggle does not work right away, try force-quitting the app and repeating this step before contacting Support.

Future weather Restore subscriptions

Tracking Current Location & Disabling Current Location Dot

The NOAA Hi-Def Radar app gives you the option to track the weather based on your current location. The current location avatar (or blue dot) shows your current location on the map and can be toggled on, off, or set to follow along as you travel. 

The default setting for the app is on and set to Fixed.


The ‘Current Location‘ arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the app is the toggle for this feature. Simply tap the arrow icon to switch between settings.

There are three settings:

  • Follow  ( + symbol, zoomed-in map) 
  • Fixed  ( default setting )
  • Disabled/OFF  ( no current location tracking ) 

The arrow icon will display the current setting and you can tap it again to cycle through the three settings. 

When turned on, the Follow feature will also display a widget on the map showing a Compass, Speed in MPH, and Altitude.

Compass speed altitude

Tapping the blue dot will give you the current conditions for your location, along with hourly and weekly forecast.


View or Share Current Weather Forecast

How can I view the forecast for any location?

Tap and hold any location on the map to view the forecast. 

How can I share current conditions?

When viewing a Saved Location or Current Location, you can share forecast data by tapping (the green icon) More > Share Forecast. You can also tap the share icon on the map to easily share a screenshot. 


Reinstalling the App / iOS App Store

If force-quitting the app is not resolving your issue, reinstalling the app can resolve issues by removing potentially corrupt files or old data. Please note, while there is no cost to re-download the app. Make sure to also restore your in app purchases. 

To reinstall the app on your Apple device, follow the steps below:

Reinstalling the app

  1. Locate the app on your home screen and gently press the app’s icon until an “X” appears in the top left corner of the icon. Tap the “X” to remove the app from your device. Press the home button to return to the main home screen.
  2. Search the Apple App Store for NOAA Hi Def Radar Pro. A download icon should appear next to the App Name. If an ‘OPEN’ or ‘GET’ icon appears you did not locate the correct app in the store or delete the app correctly from your device.
  3. Tap the Download icon and wait for the app to install 100%.
  4. Launch the app from your home screen and begin the setup walkthrough in the app.

Is there a charge to re-download the app?

No. Once you have purchased the app, there is no charge to reinstall.

How can I restore my In-App subscription?   

Tap the Settings icon in the app. Then select Restore Subscriptions. (You may need to relaunch or force quit the app if it does not restore your purchase right away). This will verify your subscription with Apple and activate the feature.

Restore subscriptions

Hurricane Tracking & Severe Weather Layers

How can I view Tropical Storms and other severe weather on the map?

Hurricanes and other severe weather can be tracked in the app without any subscription. You can enable the Hurricane Tracker layer to see hurricane paths and tropical storm development. Tapping on a specific data point will give you all available information. Turning on the Radar + Clouds layer can show even more detail. 

Hurricane tracking

Hurricane map

Info layersNOAA Severe Weather Alerts (yellow polygons), Flood Alerts (green polygons), and other on-screen alerts can be enabled in the Layers/Map Settings tab of the app. You can tap any alert or polygon to view available information and in some cases a detailed description. You may need to zoom in further to successfully tap an affected area’s alert or see layered alerts.

Syncing Locations / Creating an Account

How do I sync my locations to multiple devices?

You can sync locations by creating an account and signing in on both devices. Please note that locations saved in the app before account creation cannot transfer once signed in. Any locations you save after signing in will be backed up and appear on other devices going forward.

Radar Display Settings / Fullscreen Mode

NOAA Hi Def Radar’s Display Settings allow for control over multiple visual elements, including the transparency levels of on-screen radar imagery. Under the Layers Menu > Map Options, you can access the display settings and map types. The opacity slider gives you the ability to adjust the level of color intensity and transparency, as seen below. The Map Legend toggle, allows for the legend widget to be toggled on or off.

Layer transparency


To see more of the radar map, you can toggle Fullscreen Mode. This allows you to hide the app’s toolbar by tapping the expand icon in the left hand corner of the screen. Tapping the icon a second time will return the toolbar to its normal place. If you are using an iPad, the app will also support Landscape Mode when the device is rotated horizontally in addition to Fullscreen Mode.