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Severe storms leave path of destruction

Severe thunderstorms ripped across parts of the Southeast, Mid-South and the Midwest on Wednesday.

Wind and hail caused most of the damage, but almost a dozen tornadoes were reported, too.

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This severe weather outbreak was the sixth-most active severe weather day so far this year, and marked back-to-back weeks where severe weather occurred somewhere in the United States.

The same system that’s caused more than 50 tornadoes and hundreds of wind and hail damage reports just this week is now moving to the Mid-Atlantic where more wind, hail and tornadoes are expected.

Fortunately, it looks like the United States may get a brief reprieve from any severe weather heading into the weekend.

Cooler air has settled into many parts of the country affected by this week’s severe storms and the active weather pattern is beginning to dwindle. That should give everyone some time to clean up any messes left by the severe storms.