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November weather bringing big changes

The weather at the beginning of November and the end of October are going to look very different across the country.

Temperatures in the eastern half of the country, except the Northeast, took a big drop. At the same time, the West Coast was dealing with some record-breaking heat.

At the start of November, however, those temperature trends look like they’ll be flipping.

The warmer weather will move to the Midwest and across most of the South. The Northeast is cooling down somewhat along with the West Coast. Only a few spots stay the same — the Northern Plains stay cold and the Southwest is staying hot.

Looking ahead to the second half of November, the warm weather looks like it’ll persist in the Southwest while the cold air sticks around in the Northern Plains.

November is a month of transition as summer’s warmth and winter’s chill go back and forth. It’s similar to early spring months like March and April when we see the same pattern, only in reverse.

That means we’ll likely see a lot more ups and downs in the upcoming month, and a lot more spots are likely to see their first snowfall this month.

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