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Hurricane Matthew’s impacts on the U.S.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to have a heavy impact on the Caribbean over the next few days as a strong category 4.

As it passes over the Caribbean, the storm is expected to weaken and veer closer to Florida.

The southern tip of Florida will begin to see some scattered storms, gusty winds and rough surf near the middle of the week as the outer bands of the hurricane inch closer.

On Thursday morning, Matthew is expected to be almost directly east of Miami, Florida, and from there, it’ll remain parallel to the East Coast, arriving off the coast of South Carolina by Saturday morning.

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While a direct hit with the U.S. in the next week is highly unlikely, Florida, especially the Atlantic Coast, is still going to experience rain, rough surf and possibly tropical storm force winds.

Late into the weekend and early next week is when Matthew could become much more of a threat to the United States.

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