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6 fun indoor snow-day activities for all ages

It’s the phone call every kid wishes for and every parent dreads.

Snow day!

On those days when the snow is blowing and temperatures are freezing, you are not going to be able to send the kids outside to play. Now what? The kids are going to drive each other and you crazy after spending the entire day inside.

Don’t panic! Whether your child enjoys art, science, word games, pretend play or classic games, this list is guaranteed to keep them busy and smiling.


Younger children (preschool – 1st grade)

The goal with younger children is to keep the activities simple enough to do mostly on their own with as few supplies as possible. Don’t expect kids this age to sit at a table for hours to make something or play a game, though.

Easy snowman crafts

Michelle over at put together an entire collection of easy to make snowmen-themed crafts, including paper snow globes, fingerprint snowmen, paper plate snowmen, toilet paper roll snowman and a mason jar snowman.

Coffee filter snowflakes

After you’ve had your morning cup (or two) of coffee, Lake Shore Learning has an activity that is a modern twist on a classic craft: paper snowflakes. These coffee filter snowflakes are already in the perfect shape and ready for color and cutting.


Elementary children (grades 2 – 4)

Now that the kids are a little older, they have the ability to stay focused for longer periods of time and complete more complicated tasks. We kept this in mind as we found these fun things to do.

Make your own silly putty

Kids can make this at home pretty easily, with just a little help from mom or dad. PBS Crafts for Kids offers a recipe requiring only three ingredients: all-purpose glue, food coloring and concentrated liquid starch.

Photo shoot

This combines a number of fun activities: dress up, dance and pictures. Most kids love having their picture taken. Add some costumes and music and you’ve got yourself a photo shoot!

Intermediate children (grades 5 and 6)

By this age, many kids at this age level can likely entertain themselves for a while between their own toys, electronic gadgets and DVDs. However, there will come a time when the dreaded “I’m bored!” pops out of their mouths. Here are a few options to keep these cool kids busy.

Bake or cook

Dig out that favorite brownie or chocolate chip cookie recipe and let the kids try their hand at making a batch. Not only is baking and cooking an important skill to for kids to learn early, it’s also good practice with fractional math.

Create an indoor mini-golf course

Grab the kids and look around the house for shoeboxes, baskets, paper cups, blocks and other odds and ends and have the kids design holes for an indoor mini golf course. For theme ideas and building tips, check out My Kids Adventures for a variety of options.


Make sure to download the SnowCast app on your smartphone to see if you’re likely to have a snow day!

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