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4 fun places to take the kids on a snow day

Another storm, another snow day.

You’ve gone through our ideas on how to entertain the kids inside during a snow day and then our tips on how to keep the fun going outside.

But, who says you need to be stuck at home the entire day? Usually, the roads get cleared by late morning or early afternoon and by then, the kids (and you) probably need a change of scenery.

Here are 4 places you can take the kids to enjoy a day out on the town while off on a snow day.


The public library: Have you been to the public library lately? It offers so much more than books to borrow these days! Many libraries offer family and kid-friendly programming, including story times, puppet shows, craft time, movie showings and much more. Of course, there are all kinds of books to check out, but also make sure to visit the library’s video collection, music department and even video game section.

A matinee movie: Taking kids to the movies can be a pricey option, but if you can catch a matinee, it cuts the cost considerably. Take advantage of any discount theaters in your area that play popular movies for only a couple of dollars per ticket. Also, be on the lookout for special kids snack packs to save a little more once you’re at the theater.

Roller skating: When is the last time you’ve all gone roller skating? Roller rinks still exist and typically have multiple, discounted skating sessions during school snow days and holidays. Admission is usually inexpensive ($5 or less) and skate rental costs are about the same. It’s a great way for the kids to burn off some energy and for the grownups to maybe have some nostalgic fun, too!

The park:. Whether you want them to run and enjoy the playground or just take a quiet walk through the snow, the park should be a beautiful way to enjoy the fresh fallen snow. Of course, make sure everyone is dressed warmly. Also, double check to see if sledding or sliding is allowed at the park. Some towns are banning unsupervised sledding due to safety concerns.


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