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4 creative ways to play outside on a snow day

The schools have called another snow day. The kids are already running around the house like tiny tornadoes and you’ve barely finished your first cup of coffee.

If the temperatures are not frigid and the winds aren’t howling, it’s time to get into the closet and dig out the hats, mittens, scarves and snow pants.

Yes! Remember going outside to play? A snow day is the perfect opportunity for the kids to burn off some pent-up energy and engage in some old-fashioned playtime.

We have a few ideas ready for you to give the kids before they head out so they don’t come right back in saying, “We’re bored!”

And the best news: all of these activities are appropriate for any age! 


Snow graffitiThis is a type of graffiti you don’t mind your child doing! suggests picking up a few small spray bottles at a local dollar store. Then, fill the bottle with some water. Lastly, add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle. Now, let your child’s inner artist loose on the blank white canvas!

Snow castle/fort — Dig out some of the kids’ beach toys (such as shovels, buckets, sand molds) and let the kids build their own snow castle or fort. See who can build the tallest structure, the longest structure or most creative building. Don’t be surprised, though, if after the reinforcements are built that the snowballs start flying!

Create a snow obstacle course — Give the older kids a snow shovel and let them design their own obstacle course for everyone. Encourage them to carve out paths, dig trenches and build snow mounds to navigate. The kids can incorporate other activities within the obstacle course, too. Possible inclusions: hula hoop, throw a football, make a snow angel, throw a snowball at a target, etc.

Animal tracking: What animals are outside on a snow day? The snow gives kids the chance to get an close-up look at footprints of a variety of animals. Challenge the kids to see how many they can find, who can find the most or maybe even the biggest or smallest animal. Remember: if kids come across an animal, make sure they keep their distance. They are for looking, not touching!

Want to see your chances of having a snow day? Make sure to download the SnowCast app on your smartphone so you can prepare for the next day home from school.

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