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29 injured after tornadoes leave path of damage near New Orleans

A number of tornadoes ripped across southern Louisiana mid-day on Tuesday, leaving 29 injured according to the National Weather Service.

The Storm Prediction Center issued a tornado watch across southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi early this morning. The Storm Prediction Center says at least nine tornadoes touched down Tuesday near the Gulf Coast.

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Through the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon, tornado warnings were repeatedly issued as storms crossed the state.

As of early Tuesday evening, 29 people were injured, and a number of homes and other buildings have been destroyed or damaged.

The worst of the nine tornadoes struck the east side of New Orleans shortly after lunch time. The tornado injured 25 people, and damaged 60 houses and structures.

A preliminary survey of the tornado found EF2 damage from the tornado, with winds of 111 to 135 MPH.