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Multi-day severe weather outbreak starting on Joplin tornado 5-year anniversary

A brewing storm system is going to awaken this weekend and bring about some active spring weather for the final full week of May.

Chances for severe weather will begin to pop up just east of the Rockies on Saturday before growing across the Plains on Sunday and into the first half of next week.


This outbreak is beginning close to the five-year anniversary of the Joplin, Missouri tornado — the deadliest tornado of the 21st century.

That monster EF-5 multi-vortex tornado destroyed the city of Joplin, killed 158 people and left more than a thousand people injured.

While it’s too early to say whether this outbreak will be on that level, it’s best to prepare now.

Make sure you can get warnings for your location through smartphone apps like Storm Shield or phone call services like Storm Shield Phone Call Alerts.

Also have a plan and a place to go in case of a tornado, preferably a basement or an interior room away from windows.

And lastly have a severe weather kit with enough supplies to last two to three days.

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