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About WeatherSphere

WeatherSphere combines science with simplicity.

We focus on immediate information by providing a collection of applications that are straightforward, reliable, and built with the user in mind.

We manage the massive amount of data produced by tracking monitors and sensors that include satellites, ocean buoys, river gauges, etc. and extract weather information that integrates all incoming data using our complex algorithms. We then break down the science to provide the users with sophisticated yet simple information.

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The Story

On an early morning in late February 2011, founder Raghav Gupta was in a hotel room in New York when his phone started buzzing with notifications about servers getting overloaded. A quick investigation over a spotty tethered connection revealed that thousands of users every minute were downloading a casual weather app he had released earlier as an experiment. This app was designed to deliver loud siren notifications to users whenever a tornado was nearby. Apparently a large number of tornadoes were touching down in the midwest at the very moment.

The same thing happened again in Alabama in April, followed by the the deadliest tornado on record in Joplin, Missouri in May 2011 when 116 people lost their lives.

Realizing the changing weather patterns, and the significant role smartphones and mobile technology could play in making people safer, WeatherSphere was born.


About Us